CTiM Churches Together in Matlock

CTiM is Churches Together in Matlock and is part of a wider organisation CTiE, Churches Together in England. The remit for this organisation is ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, ENGAGED IN GOD’S MISSION, EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT, and is all the THY KINGDOM COME INITIATIVE, TKC. The Minutes of the last meeting follow on and all are invited to join this initiative and in particular at the Imperial Rooms on June 1st 2.00pm to 4.00pm, speaker to be 

Bishop Jan Macfarlane. Come along and meet other like minded people who wish to respond to the THY KINGDOM COME initiative.

Churches Together in Matlock CTiM Thy Kingdom Come (TKC)

Mon. 1st April 2019

Richard, Brian, Juan, Judy

Date Saturday 1st June 2019  – Imperial Rooms booked 2 – 4pm

Speaker  Bishop Jan Macfarlane

Aim  Christians to worship God together and pray for town and surrounding villages, civic authorities, the nation

Who for?  all church members in Matlock area and their friends. Those on edges of church. Leaders in community eg mayor etc. Members of different churches in town to be brought together and reminded of “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative.

Music    Judy had failed to find a suitable band but had secured the services of Paul Hunter (HTMB) who is happy to play the keyboard for both traditional and modern hymns (and may have instrumental help from his daughter).

Format/ liturgy plenty of supplies on line. RR had printed off one. Possible readings Ezekiel 37, Jeremiah 29. Differing styles of prayers.

An area with activities for children – children to show what they have done at end (resources available on line). DBS checked helpers needed. Judy to take lead

Publicity   Richard

Posters, fliers, invitations to civic leaders and GP surgeries as well as all churches in town; use TKC logo

Social media and Peak Advertiser free listing for charity Judy (PA not social media)

Bell ringing at St Giles with notices to indicate why bells are ringing Brian

Prayer meetings; no time to organise these but each church should have the event on their calendar and pray for it both on Sundays and at mid-week meetings.

Logistics at event  screen or sheets of paper. A screen is available (Judy to change ? into firm booking) Brian to find out if there is a computer at Imperial Rooms and if not to find one and an operator. This will enable hymn words to be on screen and also playing of TKC video clips.

Chairs in rows but curved. A few tables at back/?side for plates of cakes/biscuits

Refreshments  tea/coffee/squash – Christine Smith is unable to help (but was pleased to be asked). Brian will ask Alison G if she can co-ordinate and if she can’t, Brian to let Juan know to look for an MMURC organiser.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 16th April at 4.15pm in Cornerstone’s Upper Room