Christmas 2018 at St Mary’s Church Cromford Derbyshire DE4 3RQ

“To you is born a C3698MPSaviour, Christ the Lord”


Friday December 21st Arkwright Carol Service at St Mary’s Church at 7.30pm. This is a great start to the Christmas season with a festive meal served at The Arkwright Cafe in the yard. There will be a Wassail walk with lanterns from the yard into church with many dressing in Georgian costume. 

St Mary’s Church Sunday December 23rd Morning Worship at 9.30am with Bible readings from Micah 5 v 2 – 5a, Luke 1 v 39 – 45 & 46 – 55. Service taken by Pauline Key.

Holy Trinity Prayer in the upper room – all welcome. 10.45am Holy Communion at HT leader Nick Grayshon. 6.00pm Carol Service at HT Nick Grayshon.

Monday December 24th Christmas Eve, Crib Service at St Mary’s Church at 4.00pm leader Nick Grayshon. 

Monday December 24th Christmas Eve Holy Communion at St Mary’s Bible readings from  Isaiah 9 v 2 – 20 and Luke 2 v 1 – 20. Leader Nick Grayshon.

Tuesday Christmas Day. Holy Trinity Holy Communion at 10.00am Bible readings Isaiah 9 v 2- 20, Luke 2 v 1 – 20. Celebrant Nick Grayshon.

Sunday 30th December Christmas 1. Bible Readings: 1 Samuel 2 v 18 – 20 , 26 Luke 2 v 39 – 52.

Morning Worship  9.30am at St Mary’s Church Leader Nick Grayshon.

Holy Trinity 10.00am Prayer in the upper room all welcome. 10.45am: Morning Worship at Holy Trinity leader Nick Grayshon.

All are welcome to these Christmas Services to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

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