New lighting project at St Mary’s

In February 2015, St Mary’s Church completed the lighting project to illuminate the wonderful wall paintings that were commissioned to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 60th Jubilee in 1897.

It has been thought for some time that the murals would benefit from a new lighting system and after many enquiries by the PCC, it was decided that a local company Tor Electrical would be chosen to do the work. Tim and the team erected scaffolding, and arranged for a “cherry picker” to be driven into the church to enable access to the high roof trusses where the lighting was to be installed. All went well and the church looks absolutely marvellous. We are sure the visitors and the congregation will much appreciate the extra illumination to admire the stained glass and wall paintings designed by A.O. Hemming 1843 – 1907 which was completed in 1897 for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, and the one hundredth anniversary of the church.

View the work:

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